The ultimate challenge. Head to head in combat with the sole purpose of landing the punch that will turn out the lights for the competitor. Years of preparation are tested the moment the ref hails "Seconds out!" followed shortly thereafter by the opening bell. The fight may go the distance, yet many bouts end with that same referee slamming a hand on the canvas next to the defeated athlete.

These photographs were made in small local gym, with mostly young fighters, using boxing to either get them on track or keep them there. Their cornerman is a dedicated companion who carries the physical markings of an intense boxing past. He explains that the guy on the bag has a belt, and that kid over there is about to have his first appearance in a Budapest ring. Some of the youngsters are new, and there is a girl who never wants to actually box in a ring at all. She told me she has other reasons for being there, but did not elaborate.

Anita, from the local fight club

She is a soft-spoken mother of two with a successful day job kind of career. But in her spare time, well, she just loves to kick ass. This photo essay explains how that's working out for her.

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My photography style demands that I get very close to the action. If your event allows this access, then I can get the shots you need to promote your team's success. I also enjoy embedding myself into teams, allowing me to make photographs not only of the racing but behind the scenes as well. Tell me what you need, maybe I can help you out. I only cover events in Central Europe (HU, SK, CZ, RO, BG, PL) and the Balkans.

I am a member of the Association Internationale des Journalistes du Cyclisme.

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