Bicycles have been an important part of my life for more than forty years. From racing to manufacturing, I've experienced many facets of this sport. It is still very exciting for me to go to the races. Recently the UCI Europe Tour has been my favorite hunting grounds. The racing is good, the athletes are anxious to move up the ladder and the organization of the races is excellent. But being able to photograph any aspect of cycling I find very rewarding, regardless of which type of bicycle is being used.


Mountain Bike



UCI Racing Globe

The global governing body of competitive cycling is the Union Cycliste Internationale or UCI. I gathered the location and magnitude of all 1500 sanctioned road races and stages around the world and have displayed this information here. Each spike on the globe represents a cycling road race. Top tier races, i.e. the World Championships or the Tour de France, have long spikes. A race which is rated by the UCI with a 1.1, the lowest sanctioned status, enjoys a spike which is short. As the UCI rating increases the length of the spike is longer, while the color becomes warmer as well. The data is rendered gender and age neutral, e.g. women/men/youth races with the same UCI rating enjoy the same length and color of the relative spike.

Long Red Spike   = Big Important Race
Short Blue Spike = Not so Big
Zoom in-out, or hold and drag to rotate.

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Team Bahrain Victorious


The Budapest CAC

The last stage of the 2021 Tour de Hongrie was a giant criterium in the center of Budapest. The riders raced around mounuments, crossed tram tracks, passed by stadiums or in front of townhouses with their enthusiastic residents cheering them on. It was a 9 lap course for a total of 97km through the city.

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Let's make some pictures of your team.

My photography style demands that I get very close to the action. If your event allows this access, then I can get the shots you need to promote your team's success. I also enjoy embedding myself into teams, allowing me to make photographs not only of the racing but behind the scenes as well. Tell me what you need, maybe I can help you out. I only cover events in Central Europe (HU, SK, CZ, RO, BG, PL) and the Balkans.

I am a member of the Association Internationale des Journalistes du Cyclisme.

All photographs on this website were made by Vinxi.

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