Chasing the Action
Chasing the Action!

I photograph people doing stuff.

Are you from a team? Do you need a specific image? My full resolution images are populated with metadata allowing queries to find your pictures fast. Just drop me a note to email at describing your needs. If I have the shot, we will find it in an instant.

Tour de Hongrie 2024 Stage 3

Tour de Hongrie 2024 Stage 3 (Images by Joy)

Tour de Mátra 2023

Pannon Pump Track Kupasorozat 2023 Pilisvörösvár

Tour de Hongrie 2023 Stage 4 + Stage 5 (RIP)

Mátra Ring 2023

It's hot, two empty bottles on his bike, he really needs this one.

It's hot, two empty bottles on his bike, he really needs this one...

Send Me a Note

Let's make some pictures of your team.

My photography style demands that I get very close to the action. If your event allows this access, then I can get the shots you need to promote your team's success. I also enjoy embedding myself into teams, allowing me to make photographs not only of the racing but behind the scenes as well. Tell me what you need, maybe I can help you out. I only cover events in Central Europe (HU, SK, CZ, RO, BG, PL) and the Balkans.

I am a member of the Association Internationale des Journalistes du Cyclisme.

All photographs on this website were made by Vinxi.

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