The Local Fight Club

   A Remote Boxing Gym in Central Europe
Anita the fighter

She's a Fighter?

I stumbled onto the local fight club through a friend of a friend kind of thing. You see, Anita, the friend's friend, is a soft-spoken, attractive, middle-aged woman. Shortly after our introduction it was disclosed that Anita is a boxer. She didn't really fit my chauvinistic stereotypical presumption of what a fighter looks like. Promptly recognizing the opportunity for some interesting images, I requested a photo-shooting down at the club which she granted without delay. We met at the gym a few days later.
Square-up Anita!
Anita on the bag.

Bucket List

About ten years ago, Anita decided she wanted to fight. Not a big-time championship fighter, just once in her life a real fight in a real ring. She began training with Muay Thai, making good progress until she broke her shin kicking somebody. That's when she changed to boxing.

Anita is a switch hitter. She can change between orthodox and southpaw on the fly. In the beginning, this oddity worked pretty well for her. She was able to advance quite fast by confusing her sparring partners. A promoter from Budapest noticed her speciality and offered her the first chance to fight in the ring. 

On fight night there were eight bouts, she would fight in the third. Her combatant was a strong competitor with many fights under her belt. Anita entered the ring confident. Rather hastily she realized that she was going to get a lot more than what she bargained for. She went the distance and even managed to stay off of the canvas. Nonetheless, every last drop of hope of a rosey future in boxing was abolished in three rounds of a rigourous and thorough beating for the rookie. That was her first and last bout.

An evening training in the local boxing gym

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